I realized really fast that making a website is not as easy as they say. To start off I had no prior web building experience or any idea where to start. Through a lot of web searching and many hours browsing forums I decided to use the ghost blog platform for this website. I used ghost rather than WordPress because of its simplistic design and I wanted something different.
I acquired my domain name through NameCheap and luckily my name was not taken and ".com" was also available. 10$ later I had officially owned my own domain.
Now comes the hard part. I had to find a server to host my website with ghost. I did not want to use a free web hosting site because of the stories I read that you don't technically own your website with them as well as unreliable server uptime. I settled with Amazon Web Services because they had a 1-year free tier of there micro server instance plus I already had a AWS account with them. 5 Hours later and a lot of trial and error, I was finally able to launch my own instance. A little bit of googling and a day later I was able to set up my domain to point to AWS servers and then to my website. There were some problems along the way and a few instance resets but nothing fatal. Now that I'm at this point it seems that my website is stable and running. I plan to add more features in the coming month as well as expand.